DIY | Cork Board / Moodboard Organisation | #MoodyMonday

Hey everyone! So for this week's edition of the Moody Monday series on my YouTube channel, I decided to take the mood board "thing" quite literally...

... by literally making a mood board!

I'm currently reorganising/decorating my craft space, and I decided that a plain old cork board was far too practical for my liking!

The board felt really cluttered with bills, documents and other bits of annoying paperwork that comes with adulthood, so I decided to make this super easy document file:

What you'll need:

  • one piece of 12x12 pattered paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • craft knife or scoring board/knife
  • bone folder (or in my case, the back of the ruler!)
  • stapler
  • drawing pins
  • Embellishments 

To make:

  1. Trim off the branding strip, and 1.5 inches from the top (or bottom) of your paper
  2. On the reverse side of the paper, measure lines at 1 inch and 1.5 inches in from the bottom of the paper and the right and left sides
  3. Score each of these lines
  4. To make the notch at the top of the folder, measure 1 inch and 2 inches in from the last score line you made, and draw a line 1 inch down from the 2 inch mark
  5. Cut diagonally from the 1inch mark to the 2 inch mark below
  6. Fold the score lines, and staple together to create the file shape
  7. Embellish however you want!
  8. Poke holes along the back of the file for the drawing pins and adhere the file to the board
    1. I found that adhering washi tape over the pins is great way to make sure they don't move and fall out when you're attaching the file to the board
    2. I also ended up attaching a piece of printer paper across the back of the file to make adhering it to the board less fiddly!

I'm in love with this file, it's such a handy thing to have to be able to contain and organise my paperwork. And an added bonus is that it's so cheap and easy to make!

I also made some pockets from a 4x12" piece of paper. I'm currently using these to house some random post it notes of project and layout ideas that I scribble down, so I don't forget them!

I jazzed up some of the drawing pins, by grabbing some of my favourite die-cuts, chipboard stickers and wood veneer and adhering a pin to the back of each of them with some glue.

 They super handy to hold photos and journalling cards and, most importantly, they're pretty!

To decorate the rest of my mood board, I gathered some of my favourite stickers, chipboard pieces and die-cuts and pinned them to the board wherever there was some empty space.

Truth time: I've been hoarding a lot of the pieces on this mood board, as I've been waiting for that "perfect" layout to use them on. But, let's be real, they've been living in a box for too long now... It's way better to have them on display!

To make the board feel as cohesive as possible, everything was kept to a pink, yellow, mint and gold colour scheme (what a surprise!!)

Have any questions, drop me a comment here or on the video below and I'll be happy to answer :)

Elsie x

Here's the process video:

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