I Must Have Flowers...

... Always, always.

Oh Monet, you babe. What a wonderful quote.

I've got a quick post today about the latest layout I made with my Felicity Jane 'Susie' kit.

This week has been a bit rotten. I've got an ear infection so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself right now. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I bee-lined towards my FJ papers to try and distract myself from the ear pain.

Oh the magical healing quality of pretty paper... Doctor's should start prescribing FJ papers instead of antibiotics, I tell ya!

I'm not gonna lie, part of me died a little inside when I started cutting into that gorgeous floral paper to fussy-cut the flowers. Although I do always get the FJ paper add-on, so I knew sacrificing the black and white striped background was okay because I had a spare!

I really wanted to make the flowers "pop", so I knew I wanted to keep the background white (classic me!). I felt like it needed an extra level of interest, so I used this gorgeous dotty embossed paper we got in the kit to do just that.

The FJ branding strips are definitely the best on the market. I used this black scalloped one to as a way of separating and contrasting with the two white papers. And I used the leaves from the Savannah FJ stamp set with some black ink, to add that extra little pop of black.

My title is a super teeny-tiny quote from Monet that I just printed and cut out on my computer. It's a gentle little reminder that even when things are feeling pretty rotten and dark, flowers offer some gorgeous colour to our little worlds.

Below are some close-ups of the layout.

Thanks for reading,
- Elsie

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  1. Oh my days! Those flowers are incredible! Monet wasn't wrong XD - Emma x



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