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Oh, Project Life... I really love you, but I will be perfectly honest and say there's a part of my brain which wants to scream into the abyss every time I think about making a spread.

I got into scrapbooking through project life and I do really love it. I think the system and the idea behind it is genius. But the idea of doing it every week seriously stressed me out, as I don't ever want to think of scrapbooking as a chore and I would probably get behind and leave it unfinished which would really annoy me!

So I've been in a bit of a quandary about what to do. Because I didn't want to give it up all together, as I have a serious crush on the aesthetic of pocket page layouts.

But when my January Felicity Jane 'Susie' kit arrived and I saw the beautiful cut-apart sheet, I felt so inspired to create a spread.

I've settled on consciously making a spread every month, and if I want to make a spread about a particular event or something, I just will. No rules really. Easy-breezy.

Also I've promised myself I'll keep it really simple, no crazy embellishing. Simple, quick and pretty.

For this spread I've used:

I also bought the '2016' card from Sahin Designs on Etsy, which also includes the months of the year, as I thought that would be a really easy way to make each monthly spread cohesive.

I'm not a massive fan on having anything chunky in my project life, so I just used stamps, labels from the FJ cut-apart sticker sheet, and also a blue paperclip to embellish. Super simple, but I wanted to keep it airy and light and stress-free.

Now, from looking at this spread you may think I'm a crazy cat lady or summin'... and yeah you're probably right! But I decided one morning to get my camera out and have a play with some of the different settings, and my cat was following me around so naturally became the subject! 

I didn't actually take many pictures in January, it was a pretty 'blah' month if I'm being honest. I'm not a massive fan of journaling, as I hate my handwriting, but I am planning on adding some hidden journalling. But I have chosen a few pictures which have a greater meaning than anyone looking at the spread might think, which I like as it's a much more personal for me. I hope you don't mind me not sharing that, but I hope you understand.

Overall, I think this might be my favourite PL spread I've ever made!

Here are some close-ups of the spread:

Thanks for reading,
- Elsie


  1. Gorgeous spread! Pl is what You need it to be for You so no rules are the only rule here! Pleasure to watch Your creations!

    1. Yes exactly, I feel so much freer now that I don't feel like I have to commit to a routine and system with it! Thank you so much for commenting and reading, Mira, it's much appreciated! x



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