Let Love Do

"Let the beauty we love be what we do"
                                                                             - Rumi

So much of my life has been about having "a plan". For me, this plan has comprised mainly in education. I've been doing tests, writing essays, getting good grades, each year levelling up into different stages of higher education, etc etc... This path is one well travelled; it's been the one that's "expected" of me.

Now, I'm not saying I was forced down this road or anything like that. I'm a massive Ravenclaw and have always loved soaking up any kind of knowledge and learning, so for me I always felt like I was destined to be in education.

But herein lies the trouble... Maybe I wasn't destined for any such path like I thought? What if I had been braver in seeking less traditional forms of learning, rather than relying on my trusty books and ability to write essays? Maybe my future wouldn't seem so daunting?

This Rumi quote has been playing quite a bit on my mind recently. Scrapbooking is really one of the first artistic outlets that has made me want to (cue the Breakfast Club reference) repeatedly punch my fist in the air, whilst walking across a football field with Simple Minds playing in the background.

I never feel as successful as much as I do when I'm being creative, whether I've been paid for it or not.

Creating, using my hands and not having enough time in the day to carry out all of my ideas is such a wonderful feeling. It brings me so much more joy than any paycheck or a First in an essay.

So this Rumi quote serves as a gentle little reminder to myself that loving whatever I do is so important, beautiful and special to me, and there is so much value in that.

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