*scream-sings Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs on a daily basis*

... because everyone does that, right?

Luckily for you, there was no singing in the making of this process video.

I'm really challenging myself with this month's Like For Ever Little Things kit. The colours are not something I would gravitate towards, but I'm surprising myself by creating layouts which I'm super proud of each time I reach for this kit.

And here's a question I never thought I would be asking myself: how can I use these paper flamingos and pineapples?

The answer? Pinterest and Taylor Swift. Just search for "flamingo quotes" and/or "flamingo art" on Pinterest and you'll find a tonne of inspiration!

I've also found that by having a daily Taylor Swift jamming session, whilst you happen to be pondering on how to use flamingo ephemera, provides excellent inspiration which is how this layout came to be...

T-Swizzle's song Wonderland just happened to play whilst I was staring questionably at a paper flamingo and I was immediately reminded of the flamingo croquet in Alice in Wonderland. High-five!

Enjoy the process video and check out Like For Ever if you're looking for a really great kit club, especially if you're based in the UK, like I am.

Elsie x

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