Wing It

Just wing it... Life, eyeliner, everything.

HAPPY NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY/WEEKEND!! Super bloomin' exciting weekend filled with so much scrapbooking that it definitely requires capital letters and multiple exclamation points.

Here is my video contributing to the Scrap Your Heart Out YouTube Hop:

Remember to comment on the video for your chance to win some ahhhhh-mazing scrapbook goodies!

Also some photo eye candy!

Hope you're all having an epic and really fun weekend scrapping!

Elsie x


  1. Being one of your new subscribers via Suse Fish, I saw the video on youtube, and loved the page enough that I had to come over *here* to tell you. (Watching the process is fascinating, but my favourite bit is the stills, and ti always seems to be easier to get a better look on blogs (scrolly, scrolly!))

    Soooo, yeah. I love this page. And that watercoloury flowers paper makes me wish I wasn't such a chicken at using papers.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Anna! I'm definitely going to try and get better uploading the pictures to a blog post after I make a layout or process video, because you're right, it's definitely nicer to get a better nosey at the LO at your own pace!

      I used to be the same with papers (still do find it difficult), but then I always remind myself that there will always be pretty papers to use! xx

  2. I'm in love with your layouts, so happy I saw your page on the Jot blog and came here to have a look :-)
    You are now saved in my feed reader ;-)
    The handsewings are really a personal and beautiful touch

  3. Hi Elsie! Could you tell me the font you used for the "wing it"? It's stunning! :)



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