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Oops. I ordered a few of my favourite new pieces from the newest collections... By accident, of course.

Check the video out here:

Snow Day Memories

Snow days are always the best days aren't they? It really doesn't snow much here in England, so when it does, the whole country goes into a meltdown because we don't know how to deal with a couple of cm of snow! Luckily, that always meant school was called off so a whole day was spent outside making the most of it.

However, on this day a few years ago, the snow was the best I've ever seen it. It seemed like everyone piled onto the same hillside in my friends village to toboggan down it.

No one really owns sledges because we rarely have use for them, but we did have slick bodyboards from our beach holidays in Cornwall, which worked a treat. We didn't have enough for everyone so we tried other forms of sledging, one of them included a PVC tablecloth. Surprisingly, it didn't work...

This photo of my best friend and I trying the "toboggan-tablecloth method" is one of my favourite snaps of us, ever! Every time I see it I smile; the memory of snow days seem to have that effect on people, don't they?

I think this layout took inspiration from the recent snowstorms in America. It's really put the poxy amount of snow we get into comparison, and I have to say that I'm a little jealous!

I used my new favourite contraption in the whole world, a compass cutter. Mind blown. It's seriously the best. I can now cut any sized circle I want, without having to buy a million different punches, and it was only a fiver. BAR-GAIN!

Quite abstractly, the circles cascading down the page remind me a little of snow. By using the cooler tones of this month's Felicity Jane ('Susie') kit, I'm reminded of that first moment when you step out of your door into clean, untouched, freshly fallen snow. I love that feeling.

I used pink to accent and contrast with the cooler black, white and blue papers. I used: the vellum hearts that came with the kit, various Felicity Jane stamp sets, stamped with pink ink and some pink watercolour splatters.

And of course, I had to do some stitching!

I also made a process video on my channel, so check that out if you fancy!

'Til next time,
- Elsie

It Never Truly Ends

Despite the heavy make-up, thickly gelled-back hair and excessive amounts of lycra, one of my favourite things about dancing as a kid, were the costumes. 

I'm currently doing a 'throwback' album and dug up these pictures. These were taken whilst I was getting dressed before a dance competition, where I was a snowflake. My costume was very sparkly. I wore a crown. I seriously loved it! 

At some point I will share a layout of my costume the following year... Spoiler alert: it was not as nice and I wore a beard...

I quickly realised I wanted to make this Kate Spade quote the main feature of the layout, as it fitted so well with the story I wanted to tell. It's also super adorable and very true I think!

I don't own a silhouette so really did not fancy hand-cutting the whole quote. That would require a crazy amount of patience, which I unfortunately don't think I possess... So I chose to feature the last three words of the quote.

I drew the letters myself (not very expertly I might add!) and used a random mix of upper and lower case, but made sure I kept the letters at the same heights for some coherency.

I love the look of this. With the softer accents of the stitching and doilies, the layout feels really fun and whimsical!

All the products used on this layout I received from my Like For Ever 'Smitten' kit. I'm new to this kit, and I seriously love it. LFE are UK based and are teeming with great supplies which are harder to get hold of on this side of the Atlantic.

This kit was full of Crate Paper's Hello Love Collection and WRMK's Crush. However I predominantly used Crate Paper on this layout, because I felt like I needed the pink to contrast with the blue tones of my photos.

And of course I had to use the Hello Love sticker sheet to embellish... c'mon its got gold glitter hearts!

'Til next time,
- Elsie

Felicity Jane | 'Susie' January Kit

Oh Felicity Jane, you've done it again. This month's kit is ridiculously beautiful.

There was nothing better to wake up to on a cold and frosty January morning than a black and white box of lovliness. 

So grab yourself a cuppa and feast your eyes on this kit, I've also made an unboxing video!

This kit feels so fresh and bright, perfect for 'fresh' starts in this new year. 

Also there is green in this kit which I was slightly wary about because green and orange are usually my absolute scrappy no-no's. But this green is so gorgeous, it compliments the rest of the kit so well and it has polkadots on it, so I'm a very happy bunny!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw the 'What's next?' on the stamp set and immediately thought of The West Wing? Guess you can take The West Wing away from the fangirl, but you can't take the fangirl away from The West Wing!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate those flair badges, and how cool are those white acrylic pieces?

Check out Felicity Jane... Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Here is my unboxing video with all the products:

- Elsie

Like A Message In A Bottle

I've always liked to believe I was a mermaid in a former life. The smells, sights and feelings of being near the ocean have always been a giant pull for me. There's this weightless freedom that comes from swimming in the sea or just walking by it. There is no other place in the world where I feel quite as calm as I do on a beach.

I think it comes down to the fact that every year, during my childhood, we would go on the same beach holiday to Cornwall. Even now, it's still my favourite place in the world.

This week my Mum and I have been talking about going back this summer, because it's been about five years since we last went, and we miss it desperately.

And so... queue the nostalgic scrapbook pages!
I wanted to keep this layout simple. My original plan was to stamp the poem on one page, but I couldn't get it to work as it felt too busy for me. So I decided to make these pages as a pair to be displayed next to each other in my album. The numbered chipboard banners from my Project Life Everyday Edition really came in handy.

Talking of the poem, I'm not sure who wrote it - eek! I found it when I was having a Pinterest binge the other day and it just really resonated with me.

The colour scheme was a simple: black, white and ochre. The paper on the first page was from Amy Tangerine's 'Stitched' collection, and the second was from a Kaisercraft by Studio Calico 12x12 paper pad I found in TK Maxx. The glitter hearts are also from Studio Calico and I'm seriously hoarding these because I don't know how I could ever be without them.

I didn't want to introduce any more colours or embellishments because I wanted the main focus to be the poem.

On the first page is a picture of my brothers and I from our first holiday to our fave beach. And the second was taken on the back of a speed boat, from the last time I was there.

Whilst these aren't the most ground-breaking of pages, I think they serve as a nice break in my album to stop, read and reminisce.

- Elsie