Snow Day Memories

Snow days are always the best days aren't they? It really doesn't snow much here in England, so when it does, the whole country goes into a meltdown because we don't know how to deal with a couple of cm of snow! Luckily, that always meant school was called off so a whole day was spent outside making the most of it.

However, on this day a few years ago, the snow was the best I've ever seen it. It seemed like everyone piled onto the same hillside in my friends village to toboggan down it.

No one really owns sledges because we rarely have use for them, but we did have slick bodyboards from our beach holidays in Cornwall, which worked a treat. We didn't have enough for everyone so we tried other forms of sledging, one of them included a PVC tablecloth. Surprisingly, it didn't work...

This photo of my best friend and I trying the "toboggan-tablecloth method" is one of my favourite snaps of us, ever! Every time I see it I smile; the memory of snow days seem to have that effect on people, don't they?

I think this layout took inspiration from the recent snowstorms in America. It's really put the poxy amount of snow we get into comparison, and I have to say that I'm a little jealous!

I used my new favourite contraption in the whole world, a compass cutter. Mind blown. It's seriously the best. I can now cut any sized circle I want, without having to buy a million different punches, and it was only a fiver. BAR-GAIN!

Quite abstractly, the circles cascading down the page remind me a little of snow. By using the cooler tones of this month's Felicity Jane ('Susie') kit, I'm reminded of that first moment when you step out of your door into clean, untouched, freshly fallen snow. I love that feeling.

I used pink to accent and contrast with the cooler black, white and blue papers. I used: the vellum hearts that came with the kit, various Felicity Jane stamp sets, stamped with pink ink and some pink watercolour splatters.

And of course, I had to do some stitching!

I also made a process video on my channel, so check that out if you fancy!

'Til next time,
- Elsie

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