It Never Truly Ends

Despite the heavy make-up, thickly gelled-back hair and excessive amounts of lycra, one of my favourite things about dancing as a kid, were the costumes. 

I'm currently doing a 'throwback' album and dug up these pictures. These were taken whilst I was getting dressed before a dance competition, where I was a snowflake. My costume was very sparkly. I wore a crown. I seriously loved it! 

At some point I will share a layout of my costume the following year... Spoiler alert: it was not as nice and I wore a beard...

I quickly realised I wanted to make this Kate Spade quote the main feature of the layout, as it fitted so well with the story I wanted to tell. It's also super adorable and very true I think!

I don't own a silhouette so really did not fancy hand-cutting the whole quote. That would require a crazy amount of patience, which I unfortunately don't think I possess... So I chose to feature the last three words of the quote.

I drew the letters myself (not very expertly I might add!) and used a random mix of upper and lower case, but made sure I kept the letters at the same heights for some coherency.

I love the look of this. With the softer accents of the stitching and doilies, the layout feels really fun and whimsical!

All the products used on this layout I received from my Like For Ever 'Smitten' kit. I'm new to this kit, and I seriously love it. LFE are UK based and are teeming with great supplies which are harder to get hold of on this side of the Atlantic.

This kit was full of Crate Paper's Hello Love Collection and WRMK's Crush. However I predominantly used Crate Paper on this layout, because I felt like I needed the pink to contrast with the blue tones of my photos.

And of course I had to use the Hello Love sticker sheet to embellish... c'mon its got gold glitter hearts!

'Til next time,
- Elsie

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