I cant begin to tell you how simple and quick this layout was to make. Honestly, the longest part was waiting for the modelling paste to dry, and even that only took the duration a short youtube video and a quick cup of tea!

I'm a self-confessed fuss-pot; I love the process of fiddling about with pieces of paper. But sometimes I like to challenge myself to be quick and "in-the-moment" with a layout, no second-guessing. Wild!!

I've recently purchased some modelling paste and stencils, as I'm trying to get a little braver with mixed media, and I'm loving it! It adds the perfect bit of texture to the background, without it being overwhelming. If you haven't noticed already... I do like my white space!

I knew I wanted to use that gorgeous gradient pink paper from the Felicity Jane Susie kit and I also grabbed a couple of branding strips to bulk out that left side a bit. FJ branding strips are the best, I know I've mentioned that in a previous post, but they really are. I hope there's a paper one day that's just full of FJ branding strips, I would soooo buy that!

I love those tiny white acrylic triangles, they look so modern and add a really nice contrast to the dotty patterns all over the layout.

A few bits of stamping and a couple of pink paint splatters later and I was done. So quick, easy and most importantly fun!

Kisses and "smooches" to you all!

- Elsie


I created this layout for a 'Tic Tac Toe' challenge over on the Like For Ever Facebook group. I chose 'mist, white cardstock and pink' (of course!).

I used papers from the Twenty Sixteen kit, which contained the Studio Calico 'Goldie' collection. I wanted to make it light and fresh, so I used the palest pink papers and that gorgeous heart paper to keep the background clean and bright.

I'm still having a bit of a love affair with cutting out titles from patterned paper, and this title came together pretty easily.

I'm dressed as a Princess in the photo, so naturally the first thing that came to mind was the idea of fairytales. Thirteen years after this photo was taken and I still love fairytales just as much, so I really believe that no one is ever too old for them! Although I do have a greater understanding of the more gruesome side of them now.

Folding over the corners of the paper and stapling them down, might be my new favourite thing. It's such a simple and easy way to add some dimension, and a massive bonus is that you can see both sides of the paper - woohoo!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday,
- Elsie


Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned.

I think loopy doesn't even begin to describe how I am in this process video! Enjoy, nonetheless! And scroll below for some fancy close-up snaps!

- Elsie x

My Little World

I have a whole little world inside my brain.

It's a world filled with lots of white space, happy spots full of the most joyous, bright colours.

There's no one else around...

... Just me.

I can run, dance, sing, scream and cry to my heart's content, in this little world inside my brain.

This little world is a canvas that I go back and add to, from time to time.

Sometimes I go back and I'm quite content. I'll happily choose a corner and paint or read or do nothing but listen to the quiet.

Other times I'm angry, but luckily I can usually find plates to smash or a unlucky nameless person to rant at and I quickly become calm again.

But when I'm sad it becomes much more difficult to enter into that little world inside my brain.

I can see the places where I once felt content, the broken plates on the floor that I defiantly haven't cleaned up, all amidst the bright and happy colours I've painted all over.

But I can't move and I'm terrified. Stuck.

I have to imagine the spot where I stand is the canvas on which my little world can be formed...

... Because if I'm not allowed over there, I'm going to make here as good as I possibly can.

Continually this spot has become a 12x12" piece of white paper.

I can travel all over; make the world whatever I want it to be.

The colours and designs? They're all mine.

The stories I tell? Mine.

My photographs.

My thoughts.

The spot where I'm stuck expands one piece of paper at a time, everything is so colourful and feels so wonderfully mine.

This little world inside my brain, slowly but surely, gets more and more lovely every day.

And I am so thankful.

- Elsie

I Must Have Flowers...

... Always, always.

Oh Monet, you babe. What a wonderful quote.

I've got a quick post today about the latest layout I made with my Felicity Jane 'Susie' kit.

This week has been a bit rotten. I've got an ear infection so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself right now. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I bee-lined towards my FJ papers to try and distract myself from the ear pain.

Oh the magical healing quality of pretty paper... Doctor's should start prescribing FJ papers instead of antibiotics, I tell ya!

I'm not gonna lie, part of me died a little inside when I started cutting into that gorgeous floral paper to fussy-cut the flowers. Although I do always get the FJ paper add-on, so I knew sacrificing the black and white striped background was okay because I had a spare!

I really wanted to make the flowers "pop", so I knew I wanted to keep the background white (classic me!). I felt like it needed an extra level of interest, so I used this gorgeous dotty embossed paper we got in the kit to do just that.

The FJ branding strips are definitely the best on the market. I used this black scalloped one to as a way of separating and contrasting with the two white papers. And I used the leaves from the Savannah FJ stamp set with some black ink, to add that extra little pop of black.

My title is a super teeny-tiny quote from Monet that I just printed and cut out on my computer. It's a gentle little reminder that even when things are feeling pretty rotten and dark, flowers offer some gorgeous colour to our little worlds.

Below are some close-ups of the layout.

Thanks for reading,
- Elsie

January | Project Life

Oh, Project Life... I really love you, but I will be perfectly honest and say there's a part of my brain which wants to scream into the abyss every time I think about making a spread.

I got into scrapbooking through project life and I do really love it. I think the system and the idea behind it is genius. But the idea of doing it every week seriously stressed me out, as I don't ever want to think of scrapbooking as a chore and I would probably get behind and leave it unfinished which would really annoy me!

So I've been in a bit of a quandary about what to do. Because I didn't want to give it up all together, as I have a serious crush on the aesthetic of pocket page layouts.

But when my January Felicity Jane 'Susie' kit arrived and I saw the beautiful cut-apart sheet, I felt so inspired to create a spread.

I've settled on consciously making a spread every month, and if I want to make a spread about a particular event or something, I just will. No rules really. Easy-breezy.

Also I've promised myself I'll keep it really simple, no crazy embellishing. Simple, quick and pretty.

For this spread I've used:

I also bought the '2016' card from Sahin Designs on Etsy, which also includes the months of the year, as I thought that would be a really easy way to make each monthly spread cohesive.

I'm not a massive fan on having anything chunky in my project life, so I just used stamps, labels from the FJ cut-apart sticker sheet, and also a blue paperclip to embellish. Super simple, but I wanted to keep it airy and light and stress-free.

Now, from looking at this spread you may think I'm a crazy cat lady or summin'... and yeah you're probably right! But I decided one morning to get my camera out and have a play with some of the different settings, and my cat was following me around so naturally became the subject! 

I didn't actually take many pictures in January, it was a pretty 'blah' month if I'm being honest. I'm not a massive fan of journaling, as I hate my handwriting, but I am planning on adding some hidden journalling. But I have chosen a few pictures which have a greater meaning than anyone looking at the spread might think, which I like as it's a much more personal for me. I hope you don't mind me not sharing that, but I hope you understand.

Overall, I think this might be my favourite PL spread I've ever made!

Here are some close-ups of the spread:

Thanks for reading,
- Elsie

Off We Go

Hey everyone, hope you're all well. I have a super quick blogpost for you today, about a layout using my Like For Ever 'Smitten' kit, which consists of Crate Paper's 'Hello Love' and WRMK's 'Crush' collections.

I wanted to challenge myself a little in a layout by using multiple photos and some red.

Red is not usually a colour I go for, as I find it too bold to work with. But I adore this red paper with the tiny hearts from Crate Paper, so I thought I would give it a go.

A black and white combo was the obvious choice to put together with the red, so I used my ahhh-mazing compass cutter to cut out some of the black and white papers from the kit. 

I didn't give much thought to the size of the circles, just cut out what I size I fancied in the moment!

Unless you're some sort of scrapping wizard like Wilna Furstenberg, I find that red and pink just clash too much for me. But this WRMK dogstooth (or houndstooth, I'm not sure?!) paper worked as the perfect touch to balance the bigger red circle on the other side.

I fussy-cut the 'shine' title from this Kaisercraft paper, and I made a fishtail banner from a scrap piece of white cardstock to use as a break between the two photos.

I love stamping, and I'm starting to get a little braver and using them on 12x12 layouts. I used my Clearly Kelly Outline stamp, just with some black ink and followed the curve of the circle.

These American Crafts rub-ons are phenomenal. They're such a beautifully-toned gold and were so easy to use. This was my first experience using rub-ons and I think I'm a little bit in love with them now, although I did 'fudge' up a few times but hey-ho!

I now have my eye out on the rub-ons from the new Amy Tangerine 'Better Together' line, and I can't find them anywhere in the UK, *sad face*. So if anyone knows where I can get some, please let me know!

This was a super speedy layout, it really didn't take me long to make at all, just the duration of one episode of Pokémon... Don't judge, it's Netflix's fault for suggesting it to me!

Thanks for reading,
- Elsie

Pixie Dust

All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.

Just a quick and simple process video for you all on this rainy Friday!

- Elsie

My One True Love

I've never been one for Valentine's Day; I'm one of those cynics! But this year... I've surprised myself by finding that I was looking forward to it. Now, you may think it's because I have some sorta hot date...

And you're right, I do. This year I can spend Valentine's with my one true love: pretty papers!

What?! This girls got her priorities in order, I tell ya!

I knew that there would be some lovely collections released at this time of year, and Crate Paper's Hello Love (which I received as part of my Like For Ever 'Smitten' kit) is perhaps one of my favourites ever.

I've been in a bit of a 'scrappy funk' these past couple of weeks; the creative juju has been running a little low. Yesterday I was getting really frustrated with myself, because I just felt so completely flat and uncreative. So I said to myself that I would spend 30 minutes making something, and that would be better than nothing.

I kept it simple, a grid layout using a 3x3 photo and squares of paper. Pink papers on the bottom and black and white papers layered on top.

One thing I love about these Valentine's collections is that they're not offensively lovey-dovey (!), they're pretty versatile in both the patterns and colour schemes. I pulled some scraps from LFE's previous 'Twenty-Sixteen' kit and some Felicity Jane scraps I had lying around. They matched perfectly with the Hello Love collection so I was a happy bunny!

I apparently can't help but stitch on every single layout. I fudged up the stitching in quite a few places on those squares, so don't look too closely! But I decided to keep them anyway, as I didn't want the stitching to look too neat and perfect... At least that's what I'm telling myself!

I also didn't want to over-embellish, because I couldn't bring myself to cover up the papers and I didn't want the layout to get too busy. So I pulled just a few bits of ephemera from the Twenty-Sixteen kit, some wood veneer stars from my stash and my trusty Felicity Jane stamps came in handy too.

So is there anything you guys do when the 'creative juju' is running low?

Thanks for reading!

- Elsie


"Like wildflowers; 
you must allow 
yourself to grow
in all the places
people thought
you never would"

Ever since I was little, I've loved stories. Whether they be on the page, screen or those in my imagination, I think that might be one of the main reasons I'm so drawn to scrapping.

One of my favourites growing up was The Secret Garden. Whenever we went on family walks I always imagined I would stumble upon an old, rusty key which would unlock a hidden door to a piece of the forest which no one else had ever stumbled upon.

Cool outfit, Elsie...
It's that sense of the possibility of magic which children so wonderfully possess which inspired this layout.

An idea to stitch some dandelions was really nagging on my mind, and refused to be quieted until I put needle and thread to paper.

Trying to draw a design that was not too detailed or cartoonish was the biggest challenge in this layout. I had keep to reminding myself that I wasn't stitching on fabric so I wouldn't be able to stitch in a lot of detail like I really wanted to.

I think the dandelions turned out okay... I'm not entirely convinced by it. But I'm pleased I tried and got something on the paper, I think that's the most important thing. I can always scraplift this at some point again and try things a little differently.

Thank you Heidi Swapp for this 'Market Bouquet' paper from the Wanderlust collection... I'm so in very in love!

Also, can we all just take a moment to celebrate the fact that there is purple in this paper? This might be a more controversial point of mine... But I need more purple in scrapbook collections, please! Help a girl out here...!

The door I cut apart from the WRMK Love Notes 12x12 paper pad, and the butterflies are fussy-cut from the 'Butterfly Garden' paper from the WRMK Wildflower collection.

- Elsie