I cant begin to tell you how simple and quick this layout was to make. Honestly, the longest part was waiting for the modelling paste to dry, and even that only took the duration a short youtube video and a quick cup of tea!

I'm a self-confessed fuss-pot; I love the process of fiddling about with pieces of paper. But sometimes I like to challenge myself to be quick and "in-the-moment" with a layout, no second-guessing. Wild!!

I've recently purchased some modelling paste and stencils, as I'm trying to get a little braver with mixed media, and I'm loving it! It adds the perfect bit of texture to the background, without it being overwhelming. If you haven't noticed already... I do like my white space!

I knew I wanted to use that gorgeous gradient pink paper from the Felicity Jane Susie kit and I also grabbed a couple of branding strips to bulk out that left side a bit. FJ branding strips are the best, I know I've mentioned that in a previous post, but they really are. I hope there's a paper one day that's just full of FJ branding strips, I would soooo buy that!

I love those tiny white acrylic triangles, they look so modern and add a really nice contrast to the dotty patterns all over the layout.

A few bits of stamping and a couple of pink paint splatters later and I was done. So quick, easy and most importantly fun!

Kisses and "smooches" to you all!

- Elsie

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